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Karachi vs Bombay which one is better

Karachi vs Bombay which one is better

Karachi vs Bombay which one is better: Hello Guys today I want to give you a special report on Bombay and Karachi and show which one is the best city. Every city has history, awareness as well as actual facts, Bumboy on the other hand like the large cities of India, but it has plastic ethenithic manner. For us as locals there is lot of culture and authenticity along with modern area infrastructure which it keep unique. In this article, we have discussed both city infrastructure, import-export way and also the total GDP which is the backbone of any country. There is a lot of difference between the two cities.

Karachi vs Bombay which one is better:-

Karachi vs Bombay which one is better
Karachi vs Bombay which one is better


First I discussed Karachi. It is the biggest and most populous city in Pakistan and the sixth in the world. The total area of Karachi is about 3,780 square km. Karachi ports handle approximately 95% of Pakistani foreign trade in the world. Approximately 30% of Pakistani industrial output is from Karachi. Total GDP of Karachi is $113 billion about the report of 2014. The tallest building of Karachi is Bahria Icon tower with 268m of height.

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2nd Bombay is the most populous city in India and 11th in the world. The Bombay has total 603.4 square km. Only 70% of foreign trade of India is from Bombay’s ports. But India has 25% of industrial output from Bombay. According to the report of 2014 total GDP of Bombay is $278 billion. The tallest building of Bombay is Imperial towers with the height of 254m which is smaller than the Karachi. In spite of so many different, the two cities have a lot of similarities. As Mumby is called the gateway of India and Karachi too called the gateway of Pakistan. Bombay is the fourth most densely populated country of the world as 25508 people live in per kilometer.


From all the facts we have concluded that the Karachi is the best city. It has history, culture, and authenticity as well as actual ethnic diversity. the population of over 12 million, it houses eight percent of the country’s total population and as much as 20 percent of Pakistan’s urban population. But in spite of all these factors it the great city ever.

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