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Most ISOLATED Homes In The World 2018


Most ISOLATED Homes In The World 2018: Hello Everyone today I am going to share some interesting fact about world most isolated homes in world 2018. From high up on pillars to deep in the Antarctic, here are 10 of the most amazing isolated homes in the world.

Most ISOLATED Homes In The World 2018:-


  1. The Drina River House

You’ve always wanted a house surrounded by a moat, right? Everyone has!! But how about taking it a step further and building your home in the middle of a river? Well, that’s what a group of boys decided to do in 1968 when they were looking for the ideal spot to sunbathe. The rock they chose wasn’t so comfortable so over time they added floorboards, then walls, and then a roof- with all materials transported to the site by boat. The house has, unsurprisingly, been victim to flooding of the Drina river, which nearly destroyed it several times. Every time it was built again from the ground up. Despite its remote location on the eastern edge of the Tara national park in Serbia, it’s still fairly close to the local town of Bajina Basta, so there’s not too far to go to get supplies. Even so, this solitary house seems as if it were just surrounded by nothing but nature for miles around.

  1. Casa Do Penedo

The Casa Do Penedo, which means the house of stone, is in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal. The 16.5-foot-tall house, built at 2,600 feet above sea level, is often referred to as the ‘Flintstones House’, and it’s clear to see why. The house has actually been constructed between 4 large granite boulders and took two years to complete after work began in 1972.

While it doesn’t have any electricity, to keep with the Flintstones theme, it does have a large fireplace and even a swimming pool that’s carved into one of the bigger rocks. For those concerned about safety, not that I think you were worried, but you’ll be glad to hear that the doors and windows are all completely bulletproof- something that would have keep the owners feeling secure when they spent their holidays there.Not sure why they thought that was necessary!! You’ll have to go there to find out! Now, the house has been turned into a museum and is open to any visitors willing to make the morning’s walk up the side of a mountain to see it.

    1. The Crystal Mill

The Crystal Mill is one of the most famous, and isolated, homes in Colorado. It was built on a rocky outcrop in the Crystal River, and is surrounded by the most amazing views! It’s about 6 miles away from Marble and is close to the former town of Crystal. It’s so remote, that it’s only accessible during summer and fall months by a 1 lane track, and only accessible by foot across treacherous terrain at other times of the year. It’s best to only really go there if the weather is good. The mill was originally constructed in 1893, and the flowing water would be used to power its air compressor which, in turn, powered drills in the nearby mines. It was known as the Sheep Mountain Power House and was crucial for the miners to be able to drill the holes into the rock. Then they would fill them with dynamite and blow everything up to release the ore.

The mill’s functional role ended in 1917 and has since been used as a home and a popular visitors attraction. Which do you prefer, the Flintstones or the Mine?? Here is the further world lonist place.

  1. Katskhi Pillar
  2. Wordie House

Long Studio

  1. The Solvay Hut
  2. Ellidaey Island
  3. San Colombano Hermitage
  4. Just Room Enough Island

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