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The Road Projects of the CPEC will Face more Delays: Ministry of Communications

The Road Projects of the CPEC will Face more Delays: Ministry of Communications

The Ministry of Communications fears delays and increased costs in road projects for an integral part of the framework of the economic corridor Pakistan and China (CPEC) due to a greater decrease in costs and small versions of funds under the Public Sector Development Program ( PSDP).

The estimated cost of road projects run by the National Highway Authority (NHA) is about Rs. 1500 billion and feared a massive increase if the government slowed or cut more money, revealed that senior officials informed Senate Communications Standing Committee meeting with Senator Hidayat Ullah in office yesterday.

The Road Projects of the CPEC will Face more Delays: Ministry of Communications

The Road Projects of the CPEC will Face more Delays: Ministry of Communications
The Road Projects of the CPEC will Face more Delays: Ministry of Communications

“During the last quarter of the previous fiscal year, followed by two months, no money under the PSDP was released to NHA, while only Rs. 8 billion was released in the next two months at the demand of Rs. 25 billion,” President Rafique Malik Jawwad NHA, adding that during the (current) government launched last quarter more than Rs. 25 billion against Rs’s claim. 41 billion.

position NHA president’s by Communications Minister Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui said any new cut or delay in fund release would delay projects and increase costs.

The committee expressed serious concern about the delay and said the pace of work was very slow or almost non-existent. President NHA allowed the slow pace of work and said that due to short or unpublished releases, the pace of work was slow, but was expected to come off with good pitches.

Officials and parliamentarians recommended observing the situation to raise the issue to a higher level and requested the finance secretary and the planning secretary to inform the committee at the next meeting.

President NHA informed the committee that, unlike the revised PSDP award from Rs. 112.99 billion under the head of the local component, NHA Rs used. 28.73 billion in December 2018. But at Rs. 72.2 billion offshore components, NHA uses Rs. 93.8 billion, thanks to China’s timely launch, he added.

He also said China is currently funding two projects under the CPEC, including Havelian-Thakot and Multan-Sukkur, which will be completed on time, ie by February 2020 and August 2019, respectively.In addition, he said NHA is planning to take Sukkur-Haiderabad, part of the VPEC, on a built-in transfer transaction base (BOT). In addition, the following two projects at the top of the priority list to be included in the CPEC are Yarik-D.I. Khan-Zhob and Khuzdar-Basima.

The committee also talked about a point of public interest regarding the payment to the landowner whose land was acquired for the construction of the road from Kaghan to Babusar by Senator Lieutenant General Salahuddin Tirmizi ® in Senate at 2018 / 12/18.

Tirmizi informed the committee that Article 4 had been imposed in the area for the past 18 years, but the landowners were not paid compensation.

NHA reported that the additional costs of Mansehra-Naran-Jalkad Road to Collector’s Land acquisition, CPEC (Article Havelian-Thakot) and land acquisition were treated and tended to be resolved soon.

The procedures have been delayed due to the regular publication / transfer of land acquisition agents (LAC) and a quantity of Rs. 164 million have already been transferred to the respective district home.

The project for the expansion of the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhed highway (MNJ) was carried out by the NHA. Initially, the land that reported 7978 channels and 12 Marlas was notified in accordance with Section 4 of the Land Purchase Act (LAA) -1894. However, a notification of correction was issued according to the actual requirement of land 1698 Channel and Marlas.

The then LAC (NA) has already launched a case of funds to complete the land acquisition procedures and an amount of Rs. 164 million were transferred to the respective district home. The process was delayed due to the publication / transfer of the LAC.

Recently, he has been assigned an additional charge for Abbottabad LAC (CPEC department Havelian-Thakot) and completed the case again to complete the land acquisition and payout, which is likely to be completed soon.

The committee has a subcommittee and commands to report within one month of resolving the matter, in addition to directing the president of NHA to form and conduct an investigation committee into an investigation into the relevant party. to get the case officials.

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