NADRA data will be delivered to FBR to increase tax base


Finance Minister Asad Umar chaired the first meeting of the “FBR Board Policy” which decided that the Nadra database would be used by the Federal Revenue Board (FBR) to broaden the tax base.

The FBR Policy Council was created under the 2007 FBR Act.

Finance Minister will be the Chairman of the Policy and Trade Ministers Council, Textile Industries, and Privatization will be members of the Council, along with the chairmen of the Standing Finance and Revenue Committees, the Senate and the Nacional Assembly.

NADRA data will be delivered to FBR to increase tax base

NADRA data will be delivered to FBR to increase tax base
NADRA data will be delivered to FBR to increase tax base

The FBR president will be the secretary of the board. Among the nominated members (as advisers) were Abdul Razak Dawood, Hammad Azhar, Senator Kauda Babar, Syed Javed (IT professional), Usman Yousaf Mubeen (Nadra’s president) and Abdullah Yousaf (former president of FBR).

FBR chairman has detailed information on the operation of the Federal Council of Revenue and especially the FBR recently has taken action to improve performance. Separation of Tax Policy and Administration, Draft FBR Transformation Plan, Switzerland.

Avoidance treaty ratifies double taxation, identifying 152,201 Pakistani nationals with unexplained assets abroad, Retail electronically linked to FBR, 6451 High notices issued by non-filers; PKR recovers 245 million), 4961 properties potentially unexplained foreign identified, objective performance management criteria, integrity management unit created the highlights of the briefing president.

All former officers and nominees congratulated the Finance Minister for forming the Council after such a long time and appreciated PTI’s attitude to consult with non-governmental members to improve the country’s tax system .

After detailed information from chairman FBR and members who shared their views, it was decided to ask the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice for the laws of FBR where criminal investigation agencies have overlapping jurisdiction with FBR for review by the FBR can find out

The president ordered that chairman Nadra start working on proposals to broaden the tax base through the use of data already available in the Nadra database, will review proposals in detail by the Policy for Further Action Council.

Mr. Abdullah Yousaf emphasized the need for “systematization by automation” so that the elements of harassment and the use of discretionary powers can be minimized. It was also led by the president to provide a detailed presentation of the FBR audit and inspection system and to propose improvements to the system.

The submission will first be shared with MoS Income and will then be taken to the Police Board to take additional actions.

The minister of income said it was his great desire that the FBR policy board could design the ToRs to close the gap between policy and administration.

It was also decided that the Policy Committee will hold its regular meetings quarterly and the next meeting will be held in mid-March.

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