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Where Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees

Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees

Where Angels Appearance in Presence Of Quran and Hadees:  Hello everyone and welcome to the world of angels, before this we have got to know many things about the existence of angels , do angels possess the happening of future, friends we humans have to earn the knowledge which is a difficult thing to do but Allah has given the knowledge to angels from the very start of their life and its in their instinct and they don’t know anything else other than the knowledge given to them. Here is the complete detail of  Where Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees.

Where Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees:-

Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees
Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees

During the creation of Adam A.s, it is in Quran Pak that the angels said ” Allah you are pure and we don’t possess any other knowledge other than that you have given to us. And no doubt you are the ultimate one who possesses all the knowledge. Angels are virtuous and they don’t do any kind of sin. They are immune to sin, they do everything in proper accordance and time. They are always on time and don’t fancy any kind of shouting or chanting during their work.

Its quoted from Hazrat Ans bin Malik that Hazrat Muhammad SAW once said that on the day of judgement I will enter one of the gates of heaven and there will be an angel guarding that door, he will ask that you cannot enter this door , and upon telling that I am Muhammad SAW the angel will say that no doubt that’s true and this gate will only let you as the first person to enter heaven from this gate.

Just like the Khana Kabah here on earth, there is a Khana Kabah up in the sky for angels known as Bait ul Mamoor, angels circumambulate towards it and its said that about 70,000 angels do this at a time and once an angel does that he doesn’t get a second chance to do that again.

who are the most famous and well-known angels and what are their duties? Hazrat Jibrael A.s is one of the honorable angels of Allah and are the leader of angels, he has 600 wings. Angels are superior to humans and there are four angels that are superior to other angels and in which Hazrat Jibrael A.s
is the superior of all among those four angels. It is in Quran Pak that the helper and doer are Allah, Jibrael, and other angels too. Jibreal means Abdullah which is known to be a man of Allah
You used to bring Allah’s order to the Prophets. The second most superior angel of Allah are Hazrat Mikaeel A.s.

In Surah Bakra it is stated that the one is the enemy of Allah, its prophets, angels, Jibraeel and Mikaeel is a non-believer. And for sure Allah is the enemy of Non-believers. Hazrat Mikaaeels duty is to distribute daily bread among humanity and to manage rain and to grow the plants you have some helpers too who manage the direction and movement of clouds. Hazrat Izrael A.S is the angel of death. Hazrat Israfeel is the fourth most superior in angels. He is responsible to make the day of judgment happen and to awake the dead. He has been given a tool which seems like a horn, and by blowing it a terrifying sound will get into the ears of all the people and they will die and then he will wake them again on doomsday. Hazrat Malik is the angel guarding the hell and in Quran Pak it is that on the day of judgement the people will say to him that Malik tell your Allah to kill us from hell but he will say that you sure deserve hell and you won’t die other angels will also be there to punish people in the hell , Hazrat Rizwan is the angel guarding
heaven angels will serve people of heaven, in surah Alzumar it is said, two angels Munkir and Nakeer will come in the grave to question the dead. two angels are always on our shoulders and they are known as
Karaman Kateebeen. They keep noting down all the deeds of us till our death.

What has been the connection between angels and prophets?  Friends, angels were there when Adam was being created and the angels used to bring Allah’s order to the prophets. Mostly Hazrat Jibrael A.s did the work of delivering Allah’s messages to the prophets and Angels also came to greet Hazrat Ibrahim on the birth of his son. Angels also did warn Hazrat loot about the wrath that will be imposed on his nation. Angels also visited Hazrat Suleman. Once the Angel of death came to Hazrat Musa and demanded to give his life to him, but Hazrat Musaa not knowing him and slapped him straight and his eye popped out and upon the arrival of his again then he gave the life to him.

Hazrat Jibrael A.s used to give Allah’s word to Hazrat Muhammad SAW and the angels took you to the seven skies by the Allah’s will. They also protected you in several wars. Angels shower the believers with there prayers and they keep blessing them. They pray heaven for them. for example like offering prayer, fasting or visiting an ill person makes you earn the blessings of angels. There were two angels Haroot and Maroot they were landed on earth for the testing of people.

but as this is a long tale so we will talk about this in our next Article. believing on angels is also the part of our faith and in Quran Pak, its stated too. They will also dissolve on the day of judgment and only Allah will remain. After all this, I hope you are now aware of angels and there living.

If you want to watch complete Angels Appearance In Presence Of Quran and Hadees in Urdu the video below

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